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The DNA testing facility at Genetic Solutions Pty Ltd is staffed by specialist molecular biologists and geneticists with over 100 lab years combined experience in assay design, testing and analysis. This experience covers all facets of biology from plants, bacteria and viruses to humans, cattle, sheep and pigs.

The laboratory has the capacity to run contract microsatellite and SNP genotyping and DNA sequencing on a wide variety of samples using in house and custom panels and assays. Third party evaluation of IP is a large portion of the testing undertaken.

The Laboratory:

The laboratory is run as a commercial entity under ISO17025 quality standards and employs specialists in each field including four (4) PhDs, two (2) Masters, and five (5) Scientist/Technicians. The laboratory runs 16 hours a day 5-6 days a week.

Assay/Panel Design:
The laboratory evaluates potential trait markers in livestock and aquaculture with over $2.6 million in R&D funding for discovery and an equivalent amount of in house funding to assess third party markers for inclusion in our Production testing panel. All assays and panels used are designed and/or tested in house to guarantee suitability for the platforms used and maximum outcome for the client.
Genetic Solutions specialises in assay design for hyb-capture assays on the Bioplex/Luminex platform with over 100 successful designs for in house and external parties to date.

DNA Extraction/Banking:
Genetic Solutions has the capacity to extract DNA from any available DNA bearing material using different levels of extraction. We use PrepMan Ultra (ABI) as a standard extraction protocol for rapid testing. Where high quality DNA is required for testing, sequencing or banking as future resource, column extractions using a CAS-1820 (Corbett Robotics) are performed. DNA concentrations are determined using a NanoDrop-1000 (NanoDrop) and balanced across the plate before storage.

Genetic Solutions uses low volume amplifications reaction volumes to minimise costs and maximise the outcome for the client. Testing is carried out in 96- and 384-well format barcoded plates using a CAS-4800 (Corbett Robotics) liquid handling platform to setup reactions and aliquot samples eliminating sample transfer errors.

The laboratory undertakes high throughput SNP testing using four (4) BioPlex and Luminex-100 liquid array units with high level multiplexing up to 100 alleles.
Microsatellite testing is performed on two (2) MegaBACE 1500 Sequencer/Genotypers.

Genetic solutions employs four (4) Bioinformatician/Geneticists for analysis, evaluation and statistical assignments. Their experience in model application and evaluation is world renowned and is in constant demand to assess the true potential of third party markers in the commercial environment.

Third Party Markers:

Genetic Solutions is constantly looking for and assessing QTL and causative markers for evaluation and potential incorporation into their suite of tests. Genetic Solutions has DNA banks containing >10000 fully phenotyped animals for specific target traits and breed specific analyses. In addition, we hold over 2.2 million fully graded cattle samples in our sample archive which can be drawn upon to establish new and specific banks of interest.
Researchers are encouraged to approach Genetic Solutions with any marker they feel has commercial value in any species. Genetic Solutions has a marker development pipeline with the specific aim of evaluating, validating and designing a commercial assay for licensing. Our approach is to discuss the potential and expectations with the third party supplier, assesses the IP firstly in silico and identify market potential, this is then fed back to the client to allow them an informed decision as to the next step ie. Progression or abandonment, and the potential revenue/liability to all parties. If progression occurs using Genetic Solutions, we will then assist financially with patent protection of the IP as part of the negotiation to evaluate the product further. Licensing and royalty payments as a result of potential commercialisation will then be negotiated with the appropriate legal entities.

For more information or contact regarding third party evaluations, please contact
•    Dr. Gerard Davis, CEO: Gerard.Davis@geneticsolutions.com.au; or
•    Dr. Brett Teale, Chief Technical Officer: Brett.Teale@geneticsolutions.com.au

Referral Testing/Contract Testing:

Genetic Solutions undertakes referred testing both from within Australia and internationally. We also refer samples on to laboratories for tests not available onsite. Genetic Solutions is constantly looking for assays to be tested onsite from other entities on a contracted testing basis.

If you are looking for a contract testing laboratory to undertake commercial testing in the Asia-Pacific region, please contact Dr. Brett Teale, Chief Technical Officer: Brett.Teale@geneticsolutions.com.au