Genetic Solutions Customer Update

September 2005


Continuing to Grow

Genetic Solutions continues to grow and has made substantial gains in efficiency and sample turnaround time. We are continuing to work in collaboration with several other industry bodies such as the beef CRC and CSIRO on some major R & D projects that are promising some very exciting results in the near future.


New staff in the Customer Service/Sales section

Jason Strong, Jodine McSweeny and Hayley Moreland are now joined by Martin Rowlands and Sabina Kindler. Marty is our face in the field and many of you will come across him at bull sales, field days and other industry events in the coming months. Sabina is a new customer service officer and she will be handling all incoming samples for GeneSTAR, SireTRACE and SureTRAK, entering sample information and preparing jobs for the lab. As a result of these changes, Hayley will be taking over the reporting of the majority of the recently expanded SireTRACE Profile and SireTRACE Parentage testing, leaving Jodine to focus on servicing our larger clients.


Efficiencies deliver savings for SireTRACE

Great news for SireTRACE customers!!! Our lab staff have been VERY hard at work and as a result we have been able to restructure our pricing system for SireTRACE Profile (Previously called DNA Fingerprinting) for Breed Societies and SireTRACE Parentage (used for assigning sires in multisire mating situations).


Both these tests include 9 Microsatellite Markers recommended by ISAG and can be used by all sectors of the cattle industry. As a result of equipment upgrades and increased staffing levels SireTRACE can now also be offered at new prices:

DNA Fingerprints to be kept on file for parentage verification (sire or dam) to
fulfil Breed Society requirements or on farm management practices.
12 marker panel (including the 11 markers recommended by ISAG) $16.50
21 marker panel (including the 11 markers recommended by ISAG) $19.80
DNA Fingerprints and parentage verification for assigning sires and/or dams to
12 marker panel (including the 11 markers recommended by ISAG) $19.80
21 marker panel (including the 11 markers recommended by ISAG) $24.20
Parentage verification only, for samples with profile $4.40
on file

For more information on SireTRACE Products, please phone Jodine or Hayley on 1300 768 400 or email us at


GeneSTAR Marbling2 & Tenderness2

GeneSTAR is now a four marker test – testing for two marbling and two tenderness genes. Animals can now have up to 4 stars for both marbling and tenderness, so 8 stars altogether. In fact, we recently tested our first 8 star Santa Gertrudis bull


which was very exciting news!! For more information on GeneSTAR please contact our office on 1300 768 400 or email us at


Number of Samples Price per Sample (includes GST)
101-500 $66
Prices: 26-100 $82.50
1-25 $99


A number of Breed Societies have Fee for Service Agreements with Genetic Solutions that allow their members to take advantage of a group discount. Contact Genetic Solutions or your Breed Society for pricing details.


Outstanding Results for GeneSTAR tested Sale Stock

Kildare South Devons and Lopast Shorthorns – Rick and Sue McDouall of Upper Horton sold 38 bulls with a top price of $7000 for a bull with 4 Star GeneSTAR Tenderness with an overall average of $3625.


Barana Simmentals – Peter and Charmaine Cook of Coolah Sold 40 Bulls all GeneSTAR tested for a top of $10,500 with 100% clearance and a very strong average of $5100.


Fernvale Charolais – Tom and Anne Wilkinson of Fernvale Sold a strong line of Charolais at their annual sale at Southbank, Fernvale. Topping the sale was a 3 Star GeneSTAR Tenderness exhibit for $22,000 and equal second top was also a 3 Star GeneSTAR Tenderness bull selling for $11,000. Tom and Anne also sell selected elite females at their annual sale with a top this year of $15,000 out of Fernvale Primadonna who tested 3 Stars for Tenderness.


Strong GeneSTAR Supporter Ashley Adams from Blackall Central QLD, supported the annual Warenda Wilgaroon Santa Sale purchasing all 3 and 4 Star tenderness sires offered from Vendors John & Liz Manchee. John and Liz tested 17 Santa Bulls for their sale with remarkable results including an 8 Star bull. Of the 15 registered GeneSTAR tested bulls, two sold for a top of $11,000 and the group averaged $5266. Congratulations to John and Liz for a job well done and Ashley Adams for his purchases.


Very pleasing results for Droughtmaster Breeders Mr & Mrs Elliot from Gin Gin QLD following the recent National Droughtmaster Sale at Gracemere. Selling both top $11,500 and second top $4500 priced females. Mr Elliot said “looking back I was wondering if it was worth testing my cattle at first, but with the result we’ve just got it is something we will be continuing to do”. Mr Elliot has GeneSTAR tested his entire herd and posted his results on the website as he believes that it gives some assurance to his repeat buyers as to how even his herd is.




Satellite Seminars in Rockhampton, Longreach, Toowoomba showcase modern genetic tools

The Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics (AAABG) will host the 16th Biennial Conference, 25-28 September 2005 at Noosa, Queensland. In conjunction with this conference, the Association will sponsor a leading international beef geneticist to visit three Queensland country centres following the conference.


Rockhampton   Friday 30 September 2005


Longreach   Monday   3 October 2005


Toowoomba   Wednesday   5 October 2005


Dr John Pollak will talk on the application and impact of new genetic technologies on beef cattle breeding. Dr Pollak is a Professor of Animal Breeding at Cornell University, USA. His primary research interests are in genetic evaluation methodology, such as BREEDPLAN, and selection strategies using DNA marker tests. He has worked on EBVs for composite cattle populations in his work with the US Simmental Association. Dr Pollak was selected by Beef Magazine as one of the top 40 most influential people in the U.S. beef industry.


Each meeting will also feature speakers from Genetic Solutions on the practical use of DNA marker tests for carcase improvement. A speaker from the CRC for Cattle and Beef Quality will release the latest results from the CRC and introduce the newly established CRC for Beef Genetic Technologies. Last but not least, leading Queensland producers will relate how they are using some of these technologies.


The program will commence at 9.00am. Morning tea and lunch will be provided with a cover charge to be paid on the day. Attendance at the meeting is free.


For more details please contact:




Christian  Duff   Tropical  Beef   Technology          Toowoomba


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